About Us

About RCL

Resourceful Clinical Labs was founded in North Carolina in 2018 with the intent to provide clinical laboratory testing through-out North Carolina. We are a African American owned, comprehensive laboratory in the state of North Carolina. We have developed a solid relationship with African American PPCs and behavioral health agencies through-out the region. We are currently working with municipalities in creating additional homeless shelters with PPCs, behavioral health and social workers on site to serve the needs of the underserved and historically marginalized population.

Resourceful Clinical Labs has been using Quanti Studio 12 for molecular diagnostic test for one year. Test are performed by a PHD Chemist and well-trained staff. We have currently added COVID-19 Testing in association with a partner NC Lab with the joint capacity of 10,000 COVID-19 Tests daily in an 18-hour workday. Our lab equipment and staff are considered as the most efficient and economical means for meeting the sudden testing needs that has increased over the past 60 days.

Increased testing capacity is a critical aspect to successfully reopen North Carolina especially as certain regions move from aggressive mitigation to containment strategies. There are varied approaches to COVID-19 testing that include differences among test type, criteria for testing and measures for success. Diagnostic testing determines if an individual has an active infection with COVID-19, while serologic (antibody) testing determines if an individual was previously infected at some point.